Ethár Collection is determined to stay true to our core values of support and empowerment.  Building strong resilient women starts at a young age. Which is why Ethár Collection has partnered with Women’s Initiative for Self-Empowerment – WISE.

10% profit from each garment is donated to this selfless nonprofit that specializes in building stronger women.

True empowerment starts with self-actualization and knowing one’s self. For many of us this happens at different points in our lives. Once experienced this could produce great life purpose and direction. To be authentic to our cause, we believe in promoting a holistic approach of what it means to be strong, capable and impactful. We are excited to work with an organization such as WISE that does just that.

WISE is a movement of building strong engaged women. Understanding that empowerment is multi-faceted, WISE supports and promotes women through varies grassroot programs that include self-defense, organizing, training and social entrepreneurship.  WISE’s annual summer mentorship program accepts 25 socially involved 13 -19 year old girls. These young leaders are provided with a safe space to engage in dialogue, social projects and leadership opportunities to help build a strong self-identity.

WISE Girls

Featured in The Washington Times, the BBC and Elle magazine amongst other publications, Wise has done exceptional work in the New York area. We are excited to help this organization continue to grow across other regions. Visit WISE to learn more about their programs.

With stronger women we have stronger communities.