Our Passion

Ethár is a luxury eveningwear line that focuses on creating high quality and classically designed modest garments for the sophisticated women. Long sleeves, maxi length, fully lined garments made of exquisite fibers and detail construction helps meet faith based requirements of dress while promoting women of dignity.

We design for hardworking, determined and resilient women. Women that we love celebrating. Women who have added tremendous value toward their families, communities, causes and industries. Women who have taught us the meaning of being principled and compassionate. In these women, we see beauty. Beauty in knowing who they are and what they are capable of.

These women recognize the responsibilities they possess and the level of impact they have. We have learned to admire these women’s underlining attribute of selflessness, known as Ethár in Arabic.

Our Objective

As selfless women become more visible in higher ranking positions they now find themselves attending international conferences, award ceremonies, galas, formals and other highly visible events. Representing themselves and what they stand for, their presence at these events is important. Unfortunately, dressing modestly at these occasions offers a challenge. Major retailers do not offer many modest evening wear options and what is accessible online is not always a high quality product that meets a sophisticated taste.

Combining our love of detailed design, exquisite textile, timeless silhouettes, and our passion for seeing the good in others has pushed us to create the Ethár brand. Staying true to our core values, our aim is to make getting dressed easy for the honorable and dignified women. No more adjustments, cover-ups and add-ons to existing garments that do not meet these women’s requirements. We strive to solve this inconvenience so that women can feel comfortable, beautiful and dignified wearing dresses designed uniquely for them.

Our Philosophy

Ethár is the Arabic word meaning one who favors others over themselves. To be selfless is extremely difficult and to practice ethár one must first undergo a transformative experience of their own. At its essence, one must liberate themselves from themselves, meaning our own weaknesses and insecurities. This is in fact a lifelong struggle, but the byproduct of this liberation reflects not only an internal change but also affects society at large. We have come to realize, that to strive for liberation is not enough. It is what we do with that liberation that is important. And in our opinion, that is what makes liberation so breathtakingly inspiring.

The fashion industry is known to thrive off of our body images and insecurities to produce a false image of beauty. The definitions that they provide are misleading and nearly impossible to attain leaving many women feeling not beautiful and even not worthy. We want to change the standards. By helping women think about who they are and how they can use their unique talents and skills to positively impact their society.  We aim to be a brand that encourages women to bring out their goodness and share it with others. A brand that links liberation with action and responsibility which leads to society’s betterment.

We know strong, committed, capable and selfless women are not the exception but the norm.